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Hiking to make a difference., empower you., face challenges that few experience.


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Empowering you "Foor Your Success"

Dr. Brandon Foor has years of experience in the corporate world. He has worked in the Business Development, Finance, ECommerce fields in highly technical environments. He conducts business seminars for private organizations in the fields of communication, leadership development, and finance. Prior to his University positions, he was National Trainer and Director of Business Development for two eBusiness startups.

Brandon enjoys many outdoor activities and his favorite is extreme dayhiking. Over the past few years he has summited many 14ers, including Mt. Whitney (the tallest in the continental United States), along with many highpoints in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. One of his favorite and most challenging hikes is to dayhike Rim to Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon. You can see his hiking adventures by clicking on the "Recent Videos" link above.

He started consulting and instruction because it is my passion in life, to make a difference and to empower you “Foor Your Success”.

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